B1 b

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  • B1b
    • adaptations
      • cactus = thick fleshy stem to store water
    • competition and environmentalchange
      • two species wanting same resource = have to compete
      • species may depend on each other as a source of food
      • air pollution can affect the distribution of a species
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    • pyramids of biomass
      • energy initially comes from the sun
      • used to show problem of DDT as DDT is stored in tissues and pyramid of bioass shows mass of living tissues
    • cloning
      • tissue culture = a few plant cells are put into a growth medium with hormones and they grow into new plants
        • free and quick, plants can be made in little space
      • issues =  reduced gene pool, ideal offspring, risk of disability, can help preserve endangered species, clones not healthy
    • genetic engineering
      • herbicide tolerant = fewer weeds to compete with crops - higher yield, cheaper better quality food for customers
      • reduce biodiversity, might not be safe to eat, transplanted genes might spread
    • scientist may come up with different ideas for the same evidence because of their beliefs and because of their influences


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