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  • B1 You and your Genes
    • Huntington's Disorder
      • Symptoms: Forgetful-difficulty understanding things. Twitching of the muscles
      • Unable to control movements and eventually a fatal condition
      • Example: H=Dominant allele for huntingtons disorder. h= recessive allele (non-huntingtons)
      • if you have Hh you will get the disorder because you only need one dominant allele hh you wont
    • Cystic Fibross
      • Its an inherited illness-Symptoms:affects breathing& digestion
      • 1 in 15 people in the UK carries the faulty recessive allele
      • FF= means you have the illness-Ff illness- ff no illness
    • Genetic testing of adults is when an individual is tested for the presence of a particular allele that may cause a genetic disorder
    • Genetic testing of foetuses is a couple may decide to have a genetic test during pregancy if they know there may be a risk of passing on a serious genetic diorder to their children
    • Genetic testing of embryos is a couple may want to use pre-implantation genetic disagnosis(PGD) to avoid passing on a serious genetic disorder.
    • Genetic screening is when a whole population is tested for a particular allele


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