B1-You and your genes

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  • Proteins
    • Enzymes speed up chemical reactions in the body
    • Send chemical messages around the body.
    • Fight bacteria and viruses
    • Carry oxygen in the blood
    • Build cells
    • B1: You and your genes
      • Keywords
        • Chromosome
          • Long, thin,threadlike structures in the nucleus of a cell made from a molecule of DNA. Chromosomes carry the gene.
        • Enzymes
          • A protein that catalyses (speeds up) chemical reactions in living things
        • DNA
          • Untitled
      • Sperm paternal gamete
      • Egg maternal gamete
      • People who don't look identical to you is known as variation...
        • Variation
          • Better adapted to the environment than others
            • Higher chance of survival
              • Better chance of existing
          • Sexual reproduction
            • DNA
      • Genes are responsible for the production of proteins, and in physical terms, make us what we are
      • Half the DNA of parent in nucleus of every gamete
      • Alleles come in two forms:    Dominate and recessive
        • 23 pairs of chromosomes to mix and match 1000s of different genes and alleles
    • Move muscles


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