B1: Human Health and Diet

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  • B1: Human Health and Diet
    • You need correct amounts of certain chemicals found in food: Carbohydrates=Glucose. Proteins= Amino Acids. Fats= Fatty Acids and Glycerol
    • A balanced diet varies depending on age,gender,level of activity,religion and eating habits(being vegitarian)
    • If too much fat and Carbohydrates are eaten they are stored in the body
    • Carbs store in the liver as Glycogen or become fats
    • Fats are stored under the skin or around organs
    • Proteins are need for health so it is important to eat the right amount this can be worked out using this formula: EAR in g= 0.6 x Body mass in kg
    • Too little protein in a diet is called Kwashiorkor
    • Even though proteins cannot be stored some amino acids can be converted into other amino acids
    • Proteins from fish and meat are first class proteins and proteins from plants are second class.
    • To workout if someone is over or under weight you use the formula BMI= mass in kg/(height in m) squared
    • Explain the importance of knowing your EAR for protein


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