B1: Evolution

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  • B1: Evolution
    • Theories of evolution
      • Lamark
        • Organisms can aquire a characteristic
        • This will be passed onto the offspring
      • Darwin
        • Natural selection
        • Changes in organism occur- many years
        • Variance in a species- some organisms more likely to survive
        • Acceptance
          • Challenged idea of God making everything
          • Insufficient evidence
          • Couldn't explain about variance
    • Natural selection
      • Organisms show variation due to genes
      • Organisms in a population compete
      • Survival of the fittest
      • Can be caused by mutations
      • Best adapted will survive and breed
    • Classification
      • Kingdoms
        • Plant kingdom
        • Animal kingdom
        • Kingdom containing microoganisms
      • Species
        • Organisms which have similar characteristics
        • Can interbreed
        • Produce fertile offspring
      • Evolutionary trees
        • Shows relationships- between groups of organisms


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