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  • B1
    • the nervous system
      • important for animals to detect changes so they can react/respond to avoid danger
      • smelling something = chemical receptor
      • damaged spinal chord= info from receptors cannot complete its normal circuit through spinal chord to brain
    • controlling fertility
      • combined pill = 99% effective + reduces cancer risk
        • now contains less oestrogen to avoid side effects e.g. clotting
      • oestrogen inhibits fsh for egg development so it slows down and eventually stops
      • progesterone only pill = fewer side effects
      • reducing fertility - not 100% effective and no std protection
      • increasing fertility - can result in multiple births and side effects (vomit)
    • plant hormones
      • plant growth hormones disrupt growth patterns of weeds not crops meaning they die and leave more space/light/nutrients for crops
    • drugs
      • a chemical that interferes  with the reactions in the body
        • addicted = body cannot function normally without it causing withdrawal symptoms
          • e.g heroin
        • statins = prescribed, lower risk of heart and circulatory probs
        • stimulants
          • e.g. to increase heart rate
          • gives advantage over other athletes, and has serious health risks
        • cannabis  = mental illness - inconclusive as some studies say yes and others do noe
      • testing drugs
        • thalidomide = sleeping pill originally. stunted growth of foetus' limbs, relieved morning sickness. now treats leprosy
        • placebo = a pill that looks like the drug but has not drug in it
          • used to ensure the real drug has the effects shown
      • recreational drugs
        • cannabis, heroin and ecstasy = heart/circulatory system probs
          • gateway drug = entrance into drugs world
          • genetics = some are just more likely to be involved in drugs
        • tobacco and alcohol more of a prob as they are more widely taken
          • NHS has to pay to treat effects, people miss work due to health issues


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