B1 You and your genes

Summary of B1

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  • B1
    • What are alleles?
      • Differnt versions of the same gene
    • In each gene is a code for making a certain protein
    • GENOTYPE: All the genes the organism has
    • Chromosomes are found within the nucleus
    • HOMOZYGOUS: You havce two alleles the same, of one gene.
    • Cystic Fibrosis is a resesive gene
      • Huningtons is a dominant gene
        • Tremors, clumsiness, memory loss and mood changes.
    • Testing embryos during IVF is called: Pre implantation genetic diagnosis
    • Clones are genetically identical orgnisms
      • Asexual reproduction:  ONE parent and the offspring is identical
    • Stem cells can become other types of cells
      • EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS: Are taken from early embryo and then destroyed.
        • ADULT STEM CELLS:are found in adults by taking bone marrow
  • Chromosomes are found within the nucleus


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