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  • B1 Revision
    • Genetic Information
      • These are coded inside the nucleus.
      • all organisms develop following a set of instructions.
      • The instructions control how the organism develops.
      • The instructions are called GENES
      • Genes occur in very long DNA
      • Chromosome are made of DNA molecules.
      • The DNA molecules consists of two strands, forming a DOUBLE HELIX
    • Eye colour and variation
      • There is a number of genes coding the different pigments of the iris
      • This means enormous variation in eye colour
      • The differences between individuals of the same species and described as variations
      • Genes- the different characteristics that an individual inherits
      • environmental; how the environment changes an individual
      • Genotype is the term describing the genetic make up of an organism.
        • Phenotype describes the observable characteristics the organism has
    • Sex Cells
      • 23 + 23 = 46
    • Huntington's Disease
      • Cystic Fibrosis


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