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  • B1
    • Clones
      • Clones are geneticaly identical organisms
      • Natural Clones are created by asexual reproduction
      • Identical twins form when a fertilised egg splits creating 2 geneticaly identical organisms
    • Stem Cells
      • Embryonic
        • Found In Embryos, They can be used to make anything, they are taken from embryos that are then destroyed
      • Adult
        • Unspecialised cells, used to maintain and repair old flesh removed from bone marrow
    • DNA
      • DNA contains a persons genome
      • Sex cells only have half the amount of DNA
      • There are 23 pairs of chromosomes in DNA
    • Genes
      • Genes are codes for making proteins
      • Genes are switches that are either turned on or off
      • A persons genes code for what they will look like
    • Genetic Testing
      • Used to identify if a carrier has a genetic disorder
      • Detects Cystic Fibrosis and huntingtons disease
      • Genetic testing isnt always 100% accurate
      • There are many ethical issues surrounding genetic testing
        • e.g Discrimination false positives with results playing god religion
    • Variation
      • Variation in cells is caused by DNA
      • Variation is genetic mutation often so the species can survive
    • Inheritance
      • A persons genes are inherited from their parents,half from mum half from dad
      • 23 chromosomes from each parent


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