Axlines case study of dibs - evaluation

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  • Axline's Case Study of Dibs - Evaluation
    • Demand Characteristics
      • unaware he was taking part in a study (one-way mirrors)
    • Low in reliability
      • not a standardized procedure
        • Dibs allowed to talk freely
    • Application
      • Play therapy is useful in letting children unlock their unconscious desires
    • Low in Validity
      • Qualitative data
        • subjective
        • however more in-depth
    • High in Validity
      • triangulation
        • play  therapy, interviews with school and parents and observations
    • Ethical
      • pseudonym to protect dibs identity
      • Had informed consent from parents
      • he was not pushed into doing anything - he was left to do what he wanted
    • Other explanations
      • may just have been have one-on-one time with an adult that listened to him
    • Low in generalisability
      • unrepresentative of other 5 year olds
        • aggressive behavior
      • Case studies are unique


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