A View From The Bridge Theme: Love/ Desire

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  • Love / Desire  In A Veiw From A Bridge
    • Love Of Family
      • Beatrice, Eddie and Catherine are first seen as a loving family.
      • Marco loves his family deeply. He has come to America to help them. He misses them a lot.
      • In the wider sense, Beatrice loves her family in Sicily enough to support her cousins. Family ties are very important.
    • Farther Daughter Love
      • Eddie and Catherine, although uncle and niece, have become more like a father and daughter. Eddie made a lot of sacrifices to provide Catherine with the best education he could.
    • Brotherly Love
      • Marco and Rodolpho have a strong bond - great enough for Marco to lay down his life for his brother's cause.
    • Romantic / Unmarried
      • Eddie and Beatrice's marriage is obviously not as strong as it used to be: Beatrice asks, "When am I gonna be a wife again, Eddie?" They have not slept together for months
      • Eddie's love for Catherine has become sexual, even though he refuses to admit it. This is the cause of the friction in his own marriage and the dispute with Rodolpho and Marco.
      • Catherine and Rodolpho quickly fall deeply in love.
    • Love Of A Place
      • Rodolpho and Marco love their homeland.
      • Rodolpho also loves America. Catherine says, "he's crazy for New York."




Good, but would be better with quotes.

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