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  • The ten avatars of Vishnu
    • Avatars
      • Rama
        • the story of Rama and Sita illustrates  all the human virtues: wisdom, justice, equality, obedience, loyalty and devotion. Diwali celebrate their return
      • Hanuman
        • in some legends, Hanuman was born of Shiva and Parvati but adopted by the wind god, Vayu, he was able to leap colossal distances.
        • His symbol is a mace, meaning strength and authority, so he is a patron of wrestlers, sportsmen and soldiers
      • Krishna
        • Krishna is thought to be very approachable, loving, mischievous and caring. Therefore, he is a popular god
        • He is often pictured playing the flute, entertaining the milkmaids of the villages who danced to his music.
      • Ganesh
        • The son of Parvati and Shiva, seen as the god of good luck and remover of obstacles, so is especially worshipped before a big event or ritual
        • He is thought to be the one who guards gates and doorways
    • Hindus believe that the god Vishnu shows himself in many different forms at special times for special reasons
    • There are ten avatars, but the most important are Ramaand Krishna


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