Auxin functions

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  • Auxins
    • Embryonic Development
      • Helps differentiate cells
    • Leaf formation
      • initiates formation of new leaves
      • developing leaves deplete surrounding cells so leaves don't grow too close together
    • Tropisms
    • Apical Dominance
    • Fruit Development
      • Polinated seeds develop auxins which develops into fruit
      • Can be added artificially to max harvest
    • Abscission
      • Depleting auxins lead to formation of abscission layer
      • Added artificially to reduce premature dropping of fruit
    • Root initiation and development
      • initiation formation of lateral, secondary and adventitious roots
      • Can be used for cuttings often added synthetic auxin powder
    • Cell Elongation
      • initiates elongation of young internode cells
        • Transport Proteins - acidifying cell wall - activates enzymes = weaker call wall.  If cell turgis, pressure elongates cell


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