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  • Autocracy
    • Nicholas II
      • 1894-1917
      • October Manifesto 1905 + Duma= move towards democracy?
      • Severe autocratic rule
      • Impact of reforms cushioned by fundamental laws of 1906
    • 3 aspects to Russian autocracy
      • Tsars believed they were only accountable to God
      • Also believed God placed them on Earth to set moral standards
      • Autocracy seen as practical
        • Liberal democracy would have led to too many people wanting things
      • Alexander III
        • More intense autocratic rule
        • 'the reaction' against father's reforms
        • Willing to reform if it benefitted Russia as a whole
    • Governed by autocracy from 1855-1917
    • Alexander II
      • Stuck closely to autocratic principles after assassination attempt
      • 1861 Emancipation Edict
      • Willing reformer but only to preserve autocracy


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