Autism spectrum disorder

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  • Autism- Autism spectrum disorder
    • 1. Children can display any range of characteristics and behaviour which show anything from mild autism to severe autism, and because there are so many variants, instead of autism, the term autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) is used.
    • 2. Mild autism is diagnosed usually as Asperger syndrome
    • 3. Autism is not a disease, but a development disorder
    • 4. It affects more boys than girls, as a ration there are ten boys with some form of autism for every one girls
    • 5. Children first diagnosed with autism were known as "little professors" as some of them had amazing minds and exceptional talents in certain areas
    • 6. Autism is likely to be diagnosed nowadays between the age of 2 and 3, and whilst there is not a set list of symptoms, there are some characteristics which show signs of autistic behaviour
    • 7. Characteristics of autism
      • Poor eye contact
      • Problems with social interaction
      • Repetitive behaviour
      • anticipating needs or intentions of others
      • difficulty empathising
      • disliking any change to normal routine
      • taking everything said as literal
      • inability to form relationships and show emotion
      • communication problems
      • Often hyperactive of very inactive


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