Autism - Theory of Mind

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  • Autism - Theory of Mind
    • Cognitive explanation
      • Believes all autistic people have mind blindness
    • Ability to read minds in impaired
      • May be because they cannot empathise
    • Unable to make sense of other's intentions and see from their points of view
    • Wimmer and Perner
      • "False Belief" Task
        • Two dolls enact story where mother moves chocolate from green to blue drawer.
          • Autistic children then asked where the other dool would look for their chocolate.
            • Current draw was chosen showing children could not distinguish between what they know and what the doll would know.
    • Baren-Cohen
      • Repeated W&P task but used different characters which exchanged marble from a basket to box.
        • 23/27 normal children answered correctly.
        • 16/20 Autistic children answered incorrectly


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