Authortarian Personality

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  • Adorno's Authortarian personality
    • more than 2000 middle class white Americans
      • their unconscious attitudes towards other racial groups ect
        • investigated through a questionnaire
      • An F-scale (facism) was developed to assess their authortarian personality
    • findings
      • people who scored highly identified more with "strong" people than "weak" people
      • they're extremely conscious of their's and others' status
        • they treat people with a higher status with excessive respect
      • they have fixed and distinctive stereotypes to other classes/ groups
        • positive correlation between authortarianism and prejudice
    • characteristics
      • obedient towards authority
        • extreme respect
        • submissive
        • believe we need strong leaders
      • contempt for people of a lower status
      • highly conventional attitudes
        • sex
        • race
        • gender
      • inflexible with their outlook
      • uncomfortable with uncertainty
    • origin
      • formed in childhood
        • result of harch parenting
          • extremely strict discipline
          • expectation of absolute loyalty
          • high standards
          • severe criticism of perceived failing
          • conditional love, affection depends on behvaiour
        • can't display anger towards parents due to fear of reprisal so it is displaced
          • anger is displaced on others weaker than them
            • psychodynamic explanation
    • evaluation
      • research support
        • Elms conducted interviews with people who scored highy on the F scale
          • found that there is only a correlation between obedience an authoritarianism
            • AP doesn't cause obedience
      • extremely large sample size
        • easier to generalise results to a wider population
          • more representative
      • ethnocentric
        • though there is a large sample, it consists of only Americcans
          • difficult to generalise to alternate cultures
      • limited explanation
        • it is unlikely that everyone in pre-war Germany possess the exact same personality
          • must differ in some ways


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