Australia - Mining

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  • Australia - Mining
    • leading producers
      • Gold
      • Uranium
      • Titanium
      • Maganese
    • Job opportunities
      • Olympic Dam employed 3000 in central Australia
      • mine has contributed $45 million to the South Australian Government which has benefitted the area
        • Olympic Dam employed 3000 in central Australia
      • been improvments in local service and has had the multiplier effect
      • Challenges
        • moving the ore from centre of Australia to the coast
          • copper from the Olympic Dam has to be trucked  560km to the port at Adelaide
        • Modern mining methods use large quantaties of water
          • relies on water from pipelines from the coast and groundwater resources
      • Environment Impacts
        • construction of roads, pipelines removes vegetation and soils.
        • The flat relief of deserts mean mining operations are visible for long distances
        • liquid waste from treatment plants contaminate water and soils.
      • Reducing impacts
        • height of waste dumps is limited and re-landscaping occurs when mining ceases - reduces visual
        • recyle water from treatment ponds and spray weeds to control their spread


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