Austere Britain 1945-54

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  • Austere Britain(1945-54)
    • Newspapers
      • Rothermore+ Northcliff(baron) daily mail and Daily Mirror
      • Broadsheets, 1920s- elites only, high cost.
        • 1945, worker(tottenham) were sire to read a dailh paper eg daily herald.
    • Radio
      • Pirate radio: radio Luxembourg, radio Normandy
      • Light programme(1967 radio 1 & 2) the archers, mrs dales diary, housewives choice, listen with mother, **** barton: special agent. 20 million viewers. the goon show, its that man again
      • home service( 1967 radio 4) lectures, intellectuals "highbrow"
    • Attitudes
      • sex before marriage and homosexuality taboo
      • class clear divisions- working-labour, ?middle, upper- conservative
      • Politicians untrusted, seen as self seeking
      • police respected- the blue lamp 1950
      • Women expected to work but stop when married. Divorce rose from 6- 60,000 reslt of war friction.
      • Racial minorities, not many at this time, unsure what to do.


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