Purple Hibiscus - Aunty Ifeoma - Key Quotes

An analysis of key quotes about Aunty Ifeoma.

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  • Aunty Ifeoma Key Quotes
    • "I will tell him we are going for a drive"
      • Fearless
      • Not scared of Eugene
    • "I got him those shorts"
      • Though the aunt is Catholic, she is fine with her father being a heathen.
      • Ifeoma acts normal with her father
    • "... to wrap meat in banana leaves when nobody is looking and then sneak it at home"
      • She likes to have a laugh
      • She is not always a serious /strict person
      • Not afraid to joke about things
    • "Mama's bare lips were pale compared to Aunty Ifeoma's covered in a shiny bronze lipstick"
      • Freedom of movement .. expression etcl
      • She is not restricted like Mama.
      • her personality is joyus


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