frontier policy

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  • Augustus' frontier policy
    • augustus' needs
      • to create an efficient standing army to man the empire
      • to gain defensible frontiers against 'barbarian' invaders.
    • augustus' problems
      • how to push the frontiers to their natural territorial limits without losing control of distant armies.
      • how to provide a professional army and maintain its loyalty to the state rather than to its commanders.
    • augustus was responsible for adding a huge amount of territory to the empire.
    • some say he pursued an imperialistic policy.
      • only after the annihilation of three legions in Germnay in AD9 and the realisation that Armenia could not be annexed that Augustus was okay with following a defensive policy.
    • AIMS
      • to consolidate those areas within the empire which were not pacified or organised.
      • to abandon the haphazard expansion of the republic and to extend the empire to its natural and most defensible boundaries.
      • to follow a non aggression policy in the east.


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