Augustine's teachings on human nature

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  • Augustine
    • Human relationships, Pre and Post fall
      • The state of perfection before the fall and Adam and Eve's relationship as friends
        • Augustine believed that the point in which Adam and Eve chose to disobey God was the turning point for all of creation. Before this Adam and Eve had a perfect relationship with God and eachother.
        • Before the Fall; There was no lust, living in a state of perfect harmony. Live comfortably naked
      • Lust and selfish desires after the Fall
        • Eve was tempted by the serpent to eat the forbidden fruit and persuaded Adam to do so too. When Adam and Eve have fallen from Grace into sin they are punished
          • To the woman - childbirth will be painful, you will lust your husband and he will rule over you. To Adam - you will eat the plants of the field, you will eat your food until you return to the ground for dust you are and for dust you will return
        • Two types of Love: Cupiditas - Love of selfish needs - material, changeable things. Caritas - Generous love of others, an expression of the Will of God as eternal law
    • Original sin and its effect on the will and human societies
      • Human selfishness and lack of free will
        • **Original sin is passed to offspring through sexual intercourse** The will of people is divided, they have the God-given ability to reason, however this will is corrupted so they will always be inclined to do wrong
        • people want to do right but will most likely end up doing wrong - material desires - apparent goods
      • Lack of stability and corruption in all human societies
        • After the fall, Humans needed proper authority to control them, shown in the leaders and slavery through the new testament
        • Society has a need for peace, not heavenly peace as they cannot achieve this but early peace which is temporary
        • Humans can never be morally good as they are corrupted
    • God's grace
      • Humans can never restore harmonious living with God through their own efforts, the only way it can be achieved is throguh God's Grace
      • Augustine understood God's Grace as: the love and mercy of God, a quality that can give moral guidance, can overcome human pride, and can calm the soul with forgiveness and hope
      • Summum bonum - the hightest, most supreme good - much like Plato's Form of the Good
      • Only people who set their hearts to God can reach the highest good. He believed human enlightenment cannot lead to Heaven, only God's grace can save people from eternal punishment and their sinful nature


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