Augustine Theology OCR

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  • Augustine
    • Gods grace
      • in order to be reconciled with god we need his grace
        • only gods generous love can overcome sin and the rebellious will to achieve the greatest good (summum bonum)
      • it is ...
        • the love and mercy of god
        • a moral guide
    • The Fall
      • Human Nature
        • 2) They are 'fallen' in nature
        • 1) People are created by God
        • 3) They can be redeemed
      • based on the literal truth of the story of genesis
      • we have dominion + stewardship
        • 'be stewards of the earth, be fruitful and multiply'
      • before fall
        • concordia = no lust, perfect world - friendship
      • after fall
        • all have original sin bc born from the loins of Adam
    • Original Sin
      • born of the loins of adam
      • bc of original sin we require political authority
    • Context
      • 2) The Manichees
        • role model = jesus
        • people have 2 souls; 1 evil 1 good
        • Augustine was a manichee missionary
      • 3) Plotinus
        • similar to plato
        • he believed there was only the form of the good
        • from plotinus' work augustine decided evil isnt a substance
      • 4) Christianity
        • went to church and studied bible
          • listened to St Ambrose speak and converted to christianity
            • came to conclusion that we require the grace of god to find the truth
      • 1) Philosophical pluralism
        • lived in a society where many religions were accepted
        • religious freedom
        • free speech


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