Audiences Summary

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  • Audiences
    • Theories
      • Hypodermic Syringe Model
      • Inoculation Model
      • Narcotising Dysfunction
      • Two Step Flow Model
      • Uses and Gratifications Model
      • Reception Theory
      • Cultural Effects Theory
      • The Encoding and Decoding Model
      • Cultural Competences
    • Socio-economic audiences
      • A: Upper middle class
      • B: Middle Class
      • C1: Lower middle class
      • C2: Skilled working class
      • D: Working class
      • E: People at lowest level of income
    • Institutions
      • (NRS)National Readership Survey
      • (RAJAR)Radio Joint Audience Research
      • (BARB) Broadcast Audience Research Board
    • Press Ideology
      • Ideology - the set of beliefs that is upheld by a powerful group of people
        • values exerted
        • power to influence and control
        • influence public opinion
      • E.g. Tabloids (The Sun) Mid Tabloids (Daily Mail) and Broadsheets (The Daily Telegraph)


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