Attributes of God

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  • Attributes of God
    • Creatio Ex Nihlo
      • Creation out of nothing
    • Omnipotent
      • All powerful
    • Omniscient
      • All knowing, all seeing
    • Giver of Free Will
      • Allows humans to do whatever they want
    • Relationship with Humans
      • God interacts with humans in either a positive or negative way
    • Immutable
      • Unable to change
    • Perfection
      • Does not have any faults
    • The World in Relation to God
      • The world is God's creation, and he gave it to mankind
    • Omnipresent
      • Everywhere at once
    • Eternal
      • Everlasting, constant existence, never ending and never beginning
    • Benevolent
      • All loving and king


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