Attitudes to women and nursing

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  • Attitudes to women and nursing
    • Society had a massive impact on woman becoming doctors because it was crowned upon
    • In the 19th Century there were no women doctors because in 1852 the government introduced the MEDICAL REGISTRATION ACT in 1852
      • The act required all doctors to belong to one of the Colleges of Physicians, Surgeons and Apothecaries which are all closed to women
    • Men were superior to women and the men thought of women as slaves
    • Women and men in the same classes and lectures was thought to be an outrage to our natural instincts
    • It was ok for women to be nurses but not doctors as nursing was seen as more of an acceptable career for women who wanted to work with medicine
    • Nursing was not a profession meaning women did not want need to study to become nurses
    • Men thought the idea of women becoming doctors was disgusting and believed they should look after the children at home


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