Attitudes + responses to poverty in Elizabethan England

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  • Attitudes + responses to poverty
    • The deserving poor
      • The 'Great Chain of Being' made it clear to many nobles that they were 'better' than the poor
      • Many believed it was their duty to help those below them
        • The wealthy were expected to give the odd charitable donation
      • Recognised that many paupers weren't to blame for their poverty
        • Eg. due to illness or injury
      • Charities + almhouses grew
        • Buildings that provided food + accomodation
    • The undeserving poor
      • Untrustworthy beggars who had no interest in work
        • Vagabonds
      • Warning Against Vagabonds by Thomas Herman published in 1567
        • Encouraged view that many poor ppl. were tricksters or criminals
      • Many believed the best way to deal with begging was to threaten severe punishment


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