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  • Attitude
    • Consideration
      • wet weather 4second gap
      • Dry: 2 second gap
      • If road user behind is too close gradually increase distance to car infront
      • Only sound horn if there is danger and you need to let other know you are there
      • If queuing in traffic at night: use hand break as parking break could dazzle other drivers
    • Priority
      • Give priority to emergency vehicles
      • Blue flashing light could be: fire/police/ambulance/coastguard/bomb disposal/ mountain rescue/blood transfusion
      • Doctors=green flashing light
      • zebra
        • slow down + stop
      • Pelican
        • Give way+ don't move till crossing is clear
      • Puffin
        • Electronically controlled
          • Red= someones crossing
          • ready=amber


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