Atticus TKAM essay plan

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  • Atticus TKAM essay plan
    • Intro
      • Introduced on first page
      • Lawyer who embodies all that is honourable, fair and just: Values he passes to Jem and Scout
    • P1
      • Takes care to understand an individuals view
      • To Scout: "Until you climb into his skin and walk around in it"
      • Moral of TKAM
      • "Skin" links to racial issues
      • His guidance is of value to Scout
    • P3
      • "Before I can live with other folks, I've got to live with myself"
      • Modest man with real courage
        • Steps up to defend Tom Robinson, even though theres no hope of winning
        • Walks away from Ewell afetr he spits into his face
        • Sits outside the jail to protect Tom Robinson from the lynch mob
      • Everything he does comes from wanting to see justice done
      • Empathises with the poor and lets them pay in kind (farmaers paying with produce rather than money)
    • P2
      • "Maycomb county born and bred"
      • Very much part of the community
      • "He knew his people"
      • Part of his decision to defend Tom Robinson
    • Conclusion
      • Named after a Roman who escaped to Greece during Roman civil war
      • Roman Atticus refused to take sides
      • Similarly, Atticus refuses to be prejudiced
      • Novel's hero (southern gentleman)


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