Atticus to kill a mockingbird

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  • Atticus
    • Very fair - tries to hear both sides of an argument
    • Doesn't stereotype people
    • Doesn't take advantage of social standing
    • Remains calm when provoked directly
    • Understands importance of paying for his services
    • Shows interest in Walter Cunningham's life
    • Shows admiration for Mrs Dubose
    • Understands Boo's shyness
    • Doesn't want to see Bob as evil when he attacks Jem
    • Always does what he sees as right
    • Courage
      • Shows physicall courage (shooting the dog) but doesn't rate it highly
      • Shows courage by keeping guard of the jail
      • Shows moral courage by accepting Tom's case
    • 2 Errors
      • Trusting the old Sarum Lynch Mob not to try to lynch Tom
      • Trusting Bob Ewell not to carry out his threats of revenge
    • Parenting
      • Sees that the children need a mother figure
      • Treats children as intelligent young adults
        • Speaks clearly, matter of fact, answers all questions directly
      • Doesn't beat children but is firm
      • Doesn't spare family from the consequences of their actions


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