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  • Criminal Attempts Act 1981 S1(1) (attempts)
    • AR-act is more than merely predatory to the commission of the offence
      • White- attempted murder
      • Gullefer- 1)forms part of series to constitute actual offence commission 2)acts begins when merely prepatory act comes to an end and D embarks on proper crime
      • Geodes- 1)had accused moved from planning or preparation to execution 2) done an act showing he was actually trying to commit full offence or only gone as far as getting ready to do so?
      • Tosi- attempt ed burglary
      • Shivpuri- can be guilty of an offence even if factually or legally impossible (thought brought heroin but was vegetable matter)
    • MR- intent to commit offence
      • Mohan-design to bring about desired consequence no matter if D desired it
      • Whybrow- must prove intention to ill, intention for GBH not enough
      • R V Walker and Hayles- established oblique intent can be used
        • Woolin- result is virtually certain and D knows this
      • Pace and Rogers- MR for attempt was all elements of crime, bough it was/might be stolen not enough
      • Merely prepatory- 1)D’s acts part of series of evens that constitute offence if not interrupted 2) D has embarked on proper crime
    • Summary- AR- impossibility not a defence, must be intent to complete all elements, MR, main offence need not occur


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