attachment overview

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  • Attachments
    • Caregiver-infant
      • Interactional Synchrony = mirroring
      • Higher synchrony means stronger attachments
      • Reciprocity like a dance where you respond to eachother
    • Role of the father
      • Secondary attachments are usually with father
      • Fathers are stimulating in play and fun rather than care
      • Fathers can be primary if they show sensitivity and care
    • Schaffners Stages
      • Asoical, Indiscriminat,Specific, Multiple
      • 60 babies from Glasgow, 50% separation anxiety after one year
    • Animal studies
      • Lorenz and his imprinting on baby geese
      • Harlow and his 16 rehus monkeys that preferred love over food
    • Learning Theory
      • Classical conditioning means the CR of pleasure is associated
      • Operant conditioning means crying is reinforced because consequence is pleasure
    • Ainsworths Strange Situation
      • Studied infants in proximity seeking, reunion, stranger & separation anxiety
      • Secure, avoidant, and resistant babies
    • Cultural Variations
      • Meta analysis of 32 strange situations
      • Difference between individualist and collectivist cultures
      • Due to mothers working longer hours
    • Maternal Deprivation
      • Seperation vs deprivation
      • Can cause low IQ and affection less psychology
    • Romanian Orphans
      • 165 romanian orphans that moved to the UK, later adopted the lower their IQ
      • Institution children weren't likely to be securely attached
    • Influence in later life
      • First attachments are templates and if they're not good they never will be
      • Securely attached people less likely to be bullies


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