Types of Attachment

Mind map about the types of attachment discovered from the Strange Situation Study (Ainsworth et al. 1978).

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  • Attachment Type
    • Insecure Avoidant
      • Low stranger anxiety
      • Happy to explore
      • Avoid contact at return of caregiver
      • Indifferent to separation
    • Securely Attached
      • Easy to soothe
      • High stranger anxiety
      • Uses caregiver as secure base
      • Willing to explore
      • Enthusiastic when caregiver returns
    • Insecure Disorganised
      • Lack of consistent behaviour
      • Don't fit into any other category
      • For example, strong attachment behaviour, followed by looking away and disinterest
    • Insecure Resistant
      • Distressed on separation
      • Sought and rejected contact at caregivers return
      • Unwilling to explore
      • Caregivers ambivalent to their changes
      • High stranger anxiety


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