Attachment theory- The attraction of Celebrity

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  • Attachment Theory
    • Keinlein (1998), McCann (2001) According to this approach the tendency to from parasocial relationships originates in early childhood relationships between young children and their primary care givers. This theory argues that those with insecure attachment types as adults are more likely to become strongly attracted to celebrities.
    • Parasocial relationships are seen as being attractive to securely attached people because they  make no demands and and the fan doesn't run the risk of criticism, disappointment and rejection.
    • According to this approach those with ambivalent attachment are likely to be needy and clingy. Which makes parasocial relationships attractive to them.
    • 9Keinlein (1998) and McCann (2001) suggested that stalking behaviour in adolescence and adulthood is directly linked to insecure attachment patterns. They argue that ambivalent person seek approval from their attachment figure and may try to contact them.
    • In contrast, the insecure-avoidant types prefer to keep to a distance in a relationship but may pursue their attachment object to retaliate against a perceived wrongdoing.


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