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  • Enzymes
    • Similiatries
      • All globular proteins
      • act as catalysts
      • Specific to a specific substrate
      • All have an active site
      • Activity affected by pH and temperature
      • Break the glycosidic, ester or peptide bond depeding on the substance being catalysed
    • Key terms
      • Catalyst: something that speeds up a chemical reaction, but does not get used up
      • Extracellular: enzymes that catalyse reactions outside the body
      • Intracellular: enzymes catalyse reactions inside the body
      • Activation energy: required input required to start a reaction off
      • Denatuting: breaking of the tertiary structure changing the shape of the active site
      • Optimum pH: pH value where enzyme-controlled reaction is at its max.
        • Buffer: a chemical soln. that resist change in pH by maintaining H+ ions
      • Inhibitor: a substance that interferes with an enzyme activity
        • Competitive: same as substrate
        • Non-competitive: different part of enzyme
      • Co-factor: any thing present within a enzyme that ensures that the reaction takes place at an appropriate rate
      • BIosensor: uses enzyme controlled reactions to detect the presence of substances in a highly sensitive way.


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