Bowlby's theory of attachment

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  • Bowlby's theory of Attachment
    • Survival
      • The drive behind attachment - the fact that everyone needs an attachment in order to survive.
    • Innate Tendency
      • Present at birth rather than being aquired through learning or experience
    • Long Term Benefits
      • Internal Working Model
      • Ongoing influence on social development
    • Reciprocal
      • This means give and take.
      • Infants are attached tp adults - two way relationship
    • Natural Selection
      • Heritable traits that make it more likely for someone to survive and therefore reproduce.
      • A key mechanism in evolution
    • Social Releasers
      • Any behaviour that provokes a caregiver reaction
      • Crying
      • Smiling
    • Critical Period
      • 0 - 2.5
      • The time that Bowlby thinks the attachment should be formed.
    • Monotropy
      • A bias towards one primary caregiver.
      • According to Bowlby this is usually the mother.


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