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  • Attachment
    • A 2 way emotional link between an infant and their primary caregiver, which is shown in their behaviour.
    • The learning theory- behaviour is learnt and we attach for food.
      • Classical conditioning- learning through association
        • The feeder eventually produces the sense of pleasure associated with the food.
      • Operant conditioning- learning through reinforcement
        • food is the primary reinforcer but the food doesn't come without the caregiver, so the caregiver becomes the secondary reinforcer.
    • Bowlbys theory- attachment is an innate process which helps us to survive and be kept safe.
      • Adaptive- to attach and keep safe
      • Social releasers- which unlock the innate tendency of adults to care for them
      • Critical period- attachment must be formed before 2 and half
      • Continuity hypothesis- consistency between attachment and later relationships
      • Internal working model- mental schema for relationships
      • Monotropy- special intense attachment with mother.


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