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  • Attachment Study - LORENZ (Imprinting)
    • AIM
      • To investigate the mechanisms of imprinting when the youngsters follow and form an attachment to the first large moving object.
      • Split a large clutch of goose eggs into two batches, one hatched naturally, other two hatched in an incubator. Lorenz made sure he was the first moving object to the goose.
      • Behaviour was recorded.
      • Marked goslings to differentiate, placed in an upturned box, box removed, following behaviour recorded.
      • Naturally hatched babes followed the mother.
      • Incubator babies followed Lorenz.
      • Imprinting occurs within a set time period of 4-25 hours after hatching.
      • Imprinting is a form of attachment, exhibited mainly by nidifugous birds.
      • Close contact is kept with the first large moving object encountered.


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