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  • ATP
    • Respiratory substrates.
      • Lipids
        • Broken down into fatty acids and glycerol and fatty acids.
          • Glycerol broken down into 3 carbon chain and feeds into glycolysis
          • Fatty acids split into 2 carbon chain and enter the krebs cycle as acetyl CoA.
      • Amino Acids
        • Deaminated in the liver. Amino group is converted into urea and excreted.
          • The remaining carbon skeleton in converted into pyruvate or acetyl CoA.
    • Aerobic respiration
      • Glycolysis
      • Link Reaction
      • Krebs Cycle
    • ATP
      • Adenosine Triphosphate
        • Made up of a base, a pentose sugar and 3 inorganic photphate groups
      • Phosphorylation
        • ADP + P goes to ATP
        • Substrate level Phosphorylation involves and enzyme
        • Oxidative phosphorylation involves O2
        • Photophosphorylation is involved in photosynthesis
      • ATP VS Glucose
        • Smaller manageable quantity of energy
        • Immediate source of energy
        • Easier to transport


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