Atoms and elements

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  • Atoms elements
    • Atoms have a small nucleaus surrounded by electrons
      • The nucleus     Is in the middle of an atom. It contains protons and neutrons. Protons are positively charged. Neutrons have no charge.
        • When two or more atoms join together a molecule is formed.
      • There are 92 elements found naturally on earth.
        • Each element contains only 1 type of particle, called an atom.
      • Keywords        solvent- A liquid that things dissolve in Solute - the thing that dissolves Solute + Solvent - solution Saturated solution - holds maximum amount of solute
      • Different atoms can  bond together by giving, taking or sharing electrons, to form compounds
    • The electrons   move around the nucleus         they are negatively charged
      • Electron shell the lowest energy levels are always filled up first these are the ones closest to the nucleus 1st shell - 2  2nd shell - 8 3rd shell - 8
    • An element is a pure substance that cannot be split up into simpler substances


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