Atoms and Elements

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  • Atoms, periodic table, compounds and elements
    • Atoms
      • Structure of an atom
      • Charges: Protons = +1 neutrons = 0 Electrons=-1
        • Overall most atoms have no electrical charge
      • Electron Shell
        • Electrons always occupy electron shell
        • 1st shell = 2 electrons 2nd shell = 8 electrons 3rd shell = 8 electrons
        • Most atoms don't have a full outer shell which makes them want to react to make a full outer shell
        • Only noble gases have a full outer shell which makes them hard to react
    • Elements
      • All Elements are made up of only one type of atom
    • Compunds
      • compounds are made up of two or more types of atoms
    • Periodic table
      • The periodic table has groups and the amount of electrons on the outer shell depends on what group the atom is in E.g 8 or a full outer shell puts the atom in group 0, 3 electrons make the atom in group 3
      • How the periodic table is spilt into metals and non-metals


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