Chemistry Atoms

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  • Atoms
    • Nucleus
      • its in the middle in the Atom
      • It contains both Protons and Neutrons
      • The nucleus has an overall positive charge
        • Protons are positively charged and the Neutrons have no charge
    • Electrons
      • They move around the nucleus
      • They have a negative charge
      • They occupy shells around the nucleus
        • The  first shell takes 2 electrons and and shell after takes 8
      • They have virtually no Mass
    • Extra Information
      • Neutral atoms have no charge overall
      • The charge on the electron is the same size as the charge on the proton just opposite
      • the number of protons always equals the number of electrons in a neutral atom
      • If electrons are added or removed then the atom becomes charged
        • It is then called an ION
    • Know your particles !
      • Protons
        • Heavy
          • Positively charged
      • Neutrons
        • Heavy
          • No charge (neutral)
      • Electrons
        • Tiny
          • Negatively charged


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