Core: Atoms

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  • Atoms
    • Structure of an atom
      • Electrons
        • move around the nucleus
        • negative charge
        • tiny compared to nucleus
        • size of orbit determines size of atom
        • virtually no mass
        • occupy shells around nucleus
      • Nucleus
        • middle of the atom
        • contains protons and neutrons
        • overall positive charge
          • protons are positive, neutrons have no charge
        • almost whole mass of atom concentrated in the nucleus
        • tiny compared to whole atom
    • Number of protons = Number of electrons
      • neutral atoms have no charge
      • charge on electrons is the same size as the charge on protons but opposite
      • number of neutrons isn't fixed but is about the same as the number on protons
    • Particals
      • Protons are heavy and positively charged
        • relative mass = 1; relative charge = 1
      • neutrons are heavy and neutral
        • relative mass = 1; relative charge = 0
      • electrons are tiny and negatively charged
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