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  • Atoms
      • Atoms have a NUCLEUS made up od PROTONS and NEUTRONS
      • Electrons surround the NUCLEUS
      • PROTONS have a POSITIVE charge
      • NEUTRONS have a NEUTRAL charge
      • ELECTRONS have a NEGATIVE charge
      • The MASS NUMBER is the amount of PROTONS + NEUTRONS
      • The ATOMIC NUMBER is the number of ELECTRONS and PROTONS
      • To calculate the number of NEUTRONS= MASS No.- ATOMIC No.
      • ELEMENTS are substances made up nof ONE TYPE of atom
      • COMPOUNDS are atoms which for CHEMICAL BONDS with other atoms
        • Compounds formed from METAL and NON-METAL consists of ions
        • Invovles TAKING or GIVING ELECTRONS
        • METAL atoms LOSE electrons to form POSITIVE IONS
        • NON-METAL atoms GAIN electrons to form NEGATIVE IONS
        • The charges of the ions are OPPOSITE and so are STRONGLY ATTRACTED to each other
        • Compound formed from NON-METALS consists of MOLECULES
        • Each atom SHARES an electron with another atom
        • Each atom MUST make enough covalent bonds to FILL ITS OUTER SHELL




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