Atoms and elements

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  • Atoms and elements
    • Atoms make up everything and you can only see them through an incredibly powerful microscope
    • Atom have a small nucleus surrounded by electrons
      • Electrons
        • They move around the nucleus
        • They are negatively charged
        • They are tiny but they cover a lot of space
        • They occupy shells around the nucleu
      • Nucleus
        • Its in the middle of the atom
        • It contains protons and neutrons
          • Protons are positively charged
          • Neutrons have no charge
        • The nucleus a positive charge
    • Number of protons equals number of elecrons
      • Atoms have no charge overall. They are neutral
      • The number of protons always equals the number of electrons in a atom
      • If some electrons are added or removed the atom becomes charged and is then an ion
    • Elements consist of one type of atom only
      • Its the number of protons in the nucleus that decides what type of atom it is
      • An atom with one proton in its nucleus is hydrogen and an atom with two protons is helium
      • If a substance only contains one type of atom its called an element


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