Atomic structure

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  • Atomic Structure
    • Other materials made up of one or more types of atoms are called compounds
    • Some materials have only only one type of atoms they are called elements
    • Atoms
    • Positive charge
      • Negative Charge
    • Inside the Nucleus are Protons and Neutrons
    • Periodic Table
    • Between the Protons and the electrons are loads of space.
    • The nucleus  is the positively charged centre
      • surrounded by negatively charged electrons, which are orbiting in neatly arranged cells
    • The inner shells takes a maximum of 2 electrons. The second shell takes a maximum of 8 electrons and the third takes a maximum of 8 electrons
    • A atomic number is a whole number
    • Each shells are always full before moving on to the next shell
    • Carbon has a atom mass of 12
    • Atoms are small particles that still have the chemical property of an element
    • The  mas s number is the number of protons adding the number of neutrons
    • The atomic number is the number of protons in the atom
    • The shells fills from the lowest energy
    • The periodic table is arranged by atomic numbers


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