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  • Moles
    • Solids
      • n= m / Mr
        • Mr is the large number on the periodic table
    • Liquids
      • n = c x vol
        • divide VOLUME by 1000 if it is given in cm cubed
    • Gases
      • n = vol / 24
        • 24 000 if the volume is given in cm cubed
    • Steps to calculating
      • find the moles of WHAT YOU KNOW
        • figure out the RATIO e.g if it's 2:1, divide the mole of the substance by 2 to find the mole of the other substance
          • using the moles find the UNKNOWN e.g volume of gas, concentration of a solution or mass of a solid


Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR


This is a great resource; the only improvement I would add is that Mr is the symbol for Molar mass.

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