Atomic Structure & Periodic Table

A mindmap from the checklist on Topic C2a - Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table. Edexcel 2011 Spec Additional Science. CHEMISTRY

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  • Atomic Structure & Periodic Table
    • atoms consist on central nucleus
      • Surrounded by orbiting electrons
    • Protons / Electrons / Neutrons
      • Electrons have -1 charge and little mass
      • Neutrons have 0 charge and 1 atomic mass unit
      • ATOMIC NUMBER = number of protons in an atom
      • MASS NUMBER = protons + neutrons
      • ISOTOPE: 2 or more atoms with same atomic number but different number of neutrons
      • Isotopes have same atomic number and different mass numbers
      • Mendeleev made periodic table
    • Relative Atomic Mass
      • average mass of all natural isotopes


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