Atomic masses

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  • Atomic masses
    • relative atomic/ isotomic mass
      • the mass of an atom of an element /isotope compeared to the mass of 1/12 of carbon 12
    • relative abundance
      • (reltive abundance x isotope) + (reltive abundance x isotope)/100
        • e.g (75 x 35)+(25 x 37)/100 = 35Cl
    • relative molecular mass the Mr is the weight mass of an molecule compared to 1/12 of the mass of carbon
    • relative formulae mass = the Mr of all the molecules added together
    • formulae
      • mass/no of mols = relative atomic mass
      • mass/relative atomic mass = no of mols
      • no of mols x Mr = mass
      • concentration x volume/ 1000 = no of mols in dm3 or without the 1000 if volume already in Dm3
      • volume = no of moles / volume
      • concentration = no of moles/ concentration
      • empirical formulae= first do M/Mr then apply this ratio you get to the elements you have to get the empirical formulae
      • empirical formulae the lowest no ratio of elements in a substance
    • acids and bases
      • acid= is a spices that is a proton doner = H+
      • ate(with oxygen) ide (without oxygen)
      • cation = +ive anion= -ive


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