History of Periodic Table

History of periodic table

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  • History of Periodic Table
    • Johan Dobereiner
      • 1. Noticed several groups where 3 elements have similar properties
      • 2. Each group, the relative atomic mass oft he middle element was the eman of the other two
      • A German Scientisit in the early 1800's
    • Dimitri Mendeleev
      • A russian scientist
      • 1. He lined up atoms in order of the relative atomic mass
      • 2. Realised not all missing elements have been discovered
      • 4. Predicted properties of the mssing element
      • 3. Left gaps for missing elements to produce a sensible pattern
    • John Newlands
      • English  Chemist
      • 1. Arranged known elements in order of the relative atomic mass
      • 2. Saw every eigth element had similarities like an OCTAVE
      • 3. ONLY worked for the FIRST 16 known elements


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